About me

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering and Information Technology graduate of the University of Queensland. Im currently the Hardware Lead and Co-Founder of Micromelon Robotics as well as an Electronics and Software Engineering Tutor at The University of Queensland. I also work part time for eSole as a Hardware and Software Developer.

Learning Hardware Design

Throughout my time as a student I took on many freelance projects, desiging a GPS Shoe Insole for Dementia Patients and a 2.4GHz radio USB dongle for the Embedded Systems course at UQ. Through this I continued to learn PCB Design, Manufacturing Practices and Testing. In 2017 my undergraduate thesis was completed requiring me to design, manufacture and write algorithims for a GPS tracking device.

Now I continue to do Hardware and Software for Micromelon and eSole whilst contiuning to help startups move their idea into a physical product and beyond! If you are in this boat and need someone who has experience getting product to manufacture, email me and we can have a chat!